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This page presents links to the various Liberty Head (V) Nickel RPMs in the Wexler Die Variety Files.  Our goal is to eventually have all of the Wexler RPM File varieties illustrated on this site.  Any help that you can be at filling in the "holes" will be greatly appreciated.  These pages are a work in progress.  Check back often to see what has been added.

In the following listings, the person listed under "Submitted By" is the person who sent the coin for listing in the Wexler RPM Files.  It is not necessarily the person who originally discovered the variety.

1912-D 5¢ WRPM-001 + WIMM-001

Description:  D/D East + the mint mark is inverted from its normal orientation.

Die Markers:  Obverse:  Parallel die scratches connect stars 4 and 5.  Die scratches run SW/NE to the right of the 2 in the date.  Reverse:  Parallel die scratches run NW/SE through the C in CENT.

Submitted By:  David Landefeld

Cross References:  None known

Comments:  Looking in from the rim the mint mark should be in a normal orientation.  On this coin when you look in from the rim the D mint mark is upside down.  Doubling on the bottom of the mint mark is mechanical doubling.