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Because of the limited number of Liberty Head (V) nickel IMM varieties, they will all be illustrated on this single page.  If the list should ever expand significantly, the varieties will be assigned to pages based on their date and mint mark as is done with other denominations and series.

1912-D 5¢ WIMM-001 + WRPM-001

Description:  The D mint mark is inverted from its normal orientation + D/D East

Die Markers:  Obverse:  Parallel die scratches connect stars 4 and 5.  Die scratches run SW/NE to the right of the 2 in the date.  Reverse:  Parallel die scratches run NW/SE through the C in CENT.

Submitted By:  David Landefeld

Cross References:  None known

Comments:  When looking in from the rim the mint mark should be in its normal orientation.  This one is upside down.