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In 2007 the United States Mint began issuing a series of $1 coins to honor the Presidents of the United States.  Each year four $1 coins will be issued with the first $1 coin issued for George Washington and the remaining dollars to be issued in the order in which the President served in office.

The obverse of each $1 coin depicts a portrait of the President being honored.  The target area for doubled dies on the obverse will be the central area of the portrait and will vary with each President.  The reverse of all of the Presidential dollars in the series features the Statue of Liberty.  The target area for doubled dies on the reverse is the intersection of the 2nd ray (clockwise) coming from Liberty's head and the outstretched right arm.  While the entire obverse and reverse should be examined carefully for doubling, the target area is where you are most likely going to find the doubled die doubling.

If you have Presidential $1 doubled die varieties that are not shown on these pages, we would love to add them to our files.  Go to the Coin Examinations page to find the guidelines for submitting coins for attribution.  Just click on the link in the left column menu to access that page.

In all of the following listings the person listed as "Submitted By" is the person who sent the coin for listing in the Wexler Doubled Die Files.  It is not necessarily the person who originally discovered the variety.

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2007 George Washington $1 Doubled Dies

2007 John Adams $1 Doubled Dies

2007 Thomas Jefferson $1 Doubled Dies

2007 James Madison $1 Doubled Dies

2008 James Monroe $1 Doubled Dies

2008 John Quincy Adams $1 Doubled Dies

2008 Andrew Jackson $1 Doubled Dies

2008 Martin Van Buren $1 Doubled Dies

2009 John Tyler $1 Doubled Dies

2009 Zachary Taylor $1 Doubled Dies

2010 Millard Fillmore $1 Doubled Dies

2011 James Garfield $1 Doubled Dies

2011 Andrew Johnson $1 Doubled Dies

2012 Benjamin Harrison $1 Doubled Dies

2012 Grover Cleveland $1 Doubled Dies

2013 William McKinley $1 Doubled Dies

2013 Theodore Roosevelt $1 Doubled Dies

2013 Woodrow Wilson $1 Doubled Dies

2014 Calvin Coolidge $1 Doubled Dies

2014 Herbert Hoover $1 Doubled Dies

2014 Warren G. Harding $1 Doubled Dies