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This page presents links to the various Wexler Die Variety File RPM listings presented on this website.

The word "Complete" following a particular denomination and series indicates that the pages illustrate all of the RPM varieties listed in the Wexler RPM Files for that particular denomination and series.  If you have a genuine RPM variety for that denomination and series that does not match any of the illustrated varieties, it would most likely be a new listing.

If the word "Complete" does not follow a particular denomination and series, that indicates that that denomination and series is still a work in progress.  Some of the individual dates and mint marks within that denomination and series may be marked as "Complete" indicating that all of the RPM varieties listed in the Wexler RPM Files for that particular date and mint mark are illustrated on this site.

In the listings presented on the following pages, the person listed under "Submitted By" is the person who sent the coin for listing in the Wexler RPM Files.  It is not necessarily the person who originally discovered the variety.

Indian Head Cent RPMs     Complete

Wheat Cent RPMs

Memorial Cent RPMs

RPM 1¢ 1950 to 1958     "Best Of" Varieties

RPM 1¢ 1959 to 1969     "Best Of" Varieties

RPM 1¢ 1970 to 1989     "Best Of" Varieties

Liberty Head (V) 5¢ RPMs     Complete

Buffalo 5¢ RPMs     Complete

Jefferson 5¢ RPMs     Complete

Liberty Seated 10¢ RPMs     Complete

Barber 10¢ RPMs     Complete

Winged Liberty (Mercury) 10¢ RPMs     Complete

Roosevelt 10¢ RPMs

Standing Liberty Quarter RPMs     Complete

Washington 25¢ RPMs     Complete

Walking Liberty 50¢ RPMs     Complete

Franklin 50¢ RPMs     Complete

Kennedy 50¢ RPMs

Eisenhower $1 RPMs     Complete

$1 Gold RPMs     Complete

$5 Gold RPMs     Complete

$20 Gold RPMs     Complete