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In the May 5, 2008 issue of Coin World, staff writer Paul Gilkes announced the discovery of 2008-W Uncirculated 1-ounce American Eagle Silver Dollar coins that had the reverse of 2007.  The Mint modified the reverse design of the American Eagle Silver Dollars in 2008.  One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between the “Reverse of 2007” and the new modified “Reverse of 2008” is on the U of UNITED.  The “Reverse of 2007” has a “Plain U” that is wider on the left than it is on the right.  The “Reverse of 2008” has a strong “spur” on the bottom right side of the U.  It also has equal thickness on both the left and right sides of the U.

This is the "Reverse of 2007" found on some 2008-W Silver Eagle $1 coins.  Note there is no "spur" on the lower right U and the right side of the U is thinner than the left.  This is the transitional reverse design for the 2008-W Silver Eagle dollar coins.

This is the "normal" reverse for the 2008-W Silver Eagle $1 coins.  Note the strong spur on the bottom right side of the U and both sides of the U are the same thickness.

2008-W $1 SE WTRD-001

Description:  A 2008-W Silver Eagle dollar has the reverse of 2007.

Die Markers:  Obverse:  A light die scratch runs WSW to ENE to the left of the top of the I in LIBERTY.  Reverse:  A die gouge can be found below the C in AMERICA.  A die gouge can be found below the N in FINE.

Submitted By:  Joseph Koelling

Cross References:  None known