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1950-D 50¢ WOMM-001

Description:  D/S

Die Markers:  Obverse:  The obverse of this variety is a doubled die that is listed in the Wexler Doubled Die Files as 1950-D 50¢ WDDO-001.  A CW spread shows on the date.  A die scratch curves ESE from the bottom right of the E in LIBERTY.  Parallel die scratches run from NW to SE through the lower I in LIBERTY.  Reverse:  A horizontal die scratch can be found under the E in STATES.  A die scratch runs SE from the lower right of the bell clapper.  Parallel die scratches run SSE from the bottom of the B in PLURIBUS through the M in UNUM.  Parallel die scratches run NNW from the top of the I and the top of the B in PLURIBUS.

Submitted By:  Brett L. Parrish

Cross References:  CONECA: RPM #1, Cherrypickers: FS-50-1950D-501, Potter: VCR#1/POMM#1

Comments:  CONECA does not recognize this variety as an OMM.  They list it as an RPM, a D/D South.  You need to judge for yourself.  CONECA also does not list the obverse doubled die.