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As time goes by we will be adding all of the Eisenhower Dollar doubled die varieties listed in the Wexler Doubled Dies Files to this website.  We are doing this because the Wexler doubled die listings for this very short series have changed dramatically over the last several years.

In 1998 I coauthored The Authoritative Reference on Eisenhower Dollars (ARED) with Kevin Flynn and Billy Crawford.  The Wexler Doubled Dies Files were the basis for the doubled dies illustrated in that reference even though they appeared without the “W” prefix that we now use to identify our listings.

At that point we had 58 obverse doubled dies listed for just the 1971-S Ike dollars.  Not long after ARED was published, the number of obverse doubled dies in the Wexler Files climbed to a high of 111 varieties.  Eventually the Wexler Die Variety Files became too large for a single person to handle and the files were split up among four different people (three attributers at this time).

Die variety specialist/collector/author Brian Allen took on the enormous task of doing the attributions for the $1 doubled dies of all series, including the Ike dollars.  Brian noticed similarities among many of the listed obverse doubled dies for the 1971-S Ike dollars and began an intensive study of the Ike dollars for that date.  His tireless research showed that many of the 1971-S doubled dies were actually the result of doubled master dies and/or doubled working hubs.

Eventually Brian’s studies in the medical field resulted in his returning the files that he was working on to me so that he could properly pursue his studies.  Since regaining those files I have done considerable work based on Brian’s research and the number of actual individual 1971-S doubled obverse working dies was reduced (mostly by Brian) from 111 to just 15.  The remaining 1971-S obverse doubled dies have been shown to be the result of several different doubled working hubs.  Slowly, new listings are once again being added.  We thank and commend Brian Allen for all of his tireless efforts on behalf of the doubled die varieties in this interesting series.

By the time that The Authoritative Reference on Eisenhower Dollars – Second Edition was published, the varieties illustrated in that reference no longer reflected the doubled dies listed in the Wexler Doubled Die Files.  Rather, they reflect the varieties as listed by Mr. Flynn and he decided to issue the Second Edition based on what he had rather than what was now in my files.

This has led to a good bit of confusion about what is, and what is not listed in the Wexler Doubled Die Files for the Ike Dollars.  It is because of this that we have decided to put all of our Eisenhower Dollar doubled die listings here on this website.  Our work with the doubled dies in this series is clearly a work in progress.  Check back often as we hope to be updating the information for this series as often as time permits.


1971 $1

1971-D $1     Complete

1971-S $1 WDDO

1971-S $1 WDDR

1972 $1

1972-S $1

1974-D $1     Complete